Connectivity for mobile team and refugees in France and Belgium

In Calais, Big Box is accompanying Care4Calais on distribution runs in Belgium and Northern France, giving refugees located there free access to the internet during their visits. In the space of a one-week period, Care4Calais and Big Box visited Brussels, three locations in Calais, and Ouistreham providing connectivity.

Care4Calais are very happy with Big Box’s usability - they are often on the move, sharing connectivity from the same van that they use to do distribution runs.

‘My mum did not know if I was ok, I had no credit. Care4Calais come with the Wi-Fi box and I speak to my mum on WhatsApp. She cry to me.’ – Refugee, Northern France

Installing Big Box, Calais. Image credit: Care4Calais

Installing Big Box, Calais. Image credit: Care4Calais

Location: France and Belgium

Status: Active

Sector: Aid

Deployment date: 2018

Users to date: 2906