Connectivity for staff, volunteers and refugees at Pipka

Our deployment in Pipka Refugee Camp, Lesvos, was our longest to date. The camp is specifically for vulnerable refugees – those suffering from extreme trauma, often caused by the crossing from Turkey to Greece where they lost loved ones and young children, and from the experiences that caused them to flee their homes in the first place.

Pikpa Refugee Camp did have Wi-Fi from another organisation, but when it broke, no one came to fix it. Jangala supplied a Big Box that managed and extended connectivity from an ADSL phone line. From this steady but slow connection, Big Box created two Wi-Fi networks that spanned the whole camp: a faster one for staff and volunteers to use as part of their essential aid delivery work, and a slower network for the residents that still allowed for video content.

We’re very proud of this deployment - the vulnerable people staying at Pikpa suffer from serious mental health issues, as well as a range of physical health problems, such as frostbite from travelling over the mountains.


About the project

Organisation: Pikpa Refugee Camp

Location: Lesvos, Greece

Status: Returned

Sector: Health

Deployment date: November 2017

Users to date: 1628