Providing Wi-Fi in the darkest places in Serbia

We delivered a system Šid in Serbia, a small border town that is home to many refugees trying to make it to Croatia. We deployed our system to a small camp housing around 150 people from Afghanistan, with the help of our partner No Name Kitchen, who provide food, showers, and monitor and report on violations.

‘This mobile, if you use it in a good way, you will learn many things. Education is brightness. If here is darkness, education comes and everything will be bright.’ - a young refugee, on the importance of connectivity

However, much like our project with Caritas, the police shut the location down - No Name Kitchen is being transferred to a new site.

Refugee camp, Serbia. Image credit: Nils O’Hara

Refugee camp, Serbia. Image credit: Nils O’Hara

Location: Being transferred, Serbia

Status: Being transferred to a new site

Sector: Aid

Users to date: 622

Deployment date: February 2019