Supporting aid provision and legal assistance for refugees in Italy

Caritas is a confederation of over 160 members working in almost every country in the world, supporting, the poor, vulnerable and excluded.

Their centre in Caserta, near Naples, Italy, provided refugees with support, legal help with their asylum applications, as well as offering a safe, community space. The area is home to a large population of African refugees, who are often forced to work in exploitative conditions on the surrounding farms.

Jangala’s Big Box was particularly useful for staff and refugees due to the internal and public network services, which meant that heavy usage wouldn’t interrupt connectivity for the staff members.

However, just a few weeks after the deployment, the police closed the centre and boarded it up with Big Box inside.


Organisation: Caritas

Location: Caserta, Italy

Status: Unknown

Sector: Aid

Users to date: 721

Deployed: February 2019