Wi-Fi for students and educators in Kenya

In 2018, we delivered a Big Box to Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya. Our partner, Sky School, provides teaching for refugees who have missed out on education - their courses can be studied online from anywhere in the world.


Big Box has been an integral part of the course in Kakuma. The smiling people in this photo are some of the 52 students that have just got their diplomas studying online using a Jangala Big Box.

Around the world, 31 million children have been forced from their homes and everyday lives - many never get the chance to finish school.

Over the next year, we will be installing a further four Big Boxes with Sky School: two will go to Kenya, one will go to Juba, South Sudan and another to Mpaka, Swaziland.

© 2018 Sky School. All rights reserved

© 2018 Sky School. All rights reserved

Organisation: Sky School, Kakuma

Location: Kakuma, Kenya

Status: Active

Sector: Education

Deployment date: July, 2018

Users to date: 545