Big Box by Jangala is a lightweight briefcase-sized device that transforms any form of internet connectivity into Wi-Fi that is easy to manage and scale, from tens to thousands of users.

By eliminating the need for costly technical expertise - for installation, configuration and maintenance - Big Box substantially lowers the barriers to deploying internet access across a range of challenging aid scenarios.

© 2018 Sky School. All rights reserved

© 2018 Sky School. All rights reserved




Big box in action

Portable, lightweight and rugged, Big Box is equally at home serving a small, mobile field team using satellite backhaul, or serving as a central hub for a refugee camp of over 10,000 people.

It can be deployed during an acute humanitarian emergency, such as following the Lombok earthquake, or used by educators to provide STEM education for women and girls.

Photo  by Miles World /  CC BY

Photo by Miles World / CC BY


For a recon team assessing earthquake damage to a team coordinating aid distribution following a disaster, mobile teams work best when they have secure internet access to communicate and plan efficiently, with each other and other actors.

Big Box fits in a small backpack and can create secure and high-capacity Wi-Fi in less than a minute. No technical expertise is required and the system is remotely manageable. Big Box is flexible, able to use 4G, satellite or microwave backhaul as the situation demands.

If teams are forced to evacuate an area, Big Box can be packed up easily and deployed at the next location.

Photo  by DFID Burma /  CC BY

Photo by DFID Burma / CC BY


From a camp for people displaced by conflict, a city that has been hit by an earthquake, or a temporary UN office, organisations often need to deploy internet access at different scales in situations without developed connectivity infrastructure.

Big Box enables the rapid deployment of high-quality internet access for tens to thousands of users in any environment.

These networks are cost effective: quick to put up, quick to take down. They are easy to expand, they control commodity hardware and they are data efficient.

Photo by Nils O’Hara /  CC0

Photo by Nils O’Hara / CC0


From an unconnected rural school to a remote operations headquarters, reliable internet is vital for both day-to-day operations and long-term development gains for people and economies.

Big Box can combine up to 6 different slow or unreliable internet inputs to create a fast and reliable connection that can support multiple Wi-Fi and wired networks.