High quality internet access is essential in both the response to humanitarian emergencies and longer-term development projects. Big Box greatly simplifies the currently complex process of setting up internet access in these situations.


Humanitarian emergencies

Over 68 million people are displaced from their homes by natural and manmade disasters, and over 200 million more need immediate humanitarian assistance. The UN University believes that over the next 30 years climate change could result in a billion refugees.

People separated from their friends, family and familiar lives, often in perilous situations, have a greater need for access to the internet than ever.


Development Projects

Over 1 billion people live in the Least Developed Countries (LDCs), in which the majority of people have low levels of access to health, education and information services especially in rural and remote areas.

The lack of internet access prevents the effective organisation, delivery and monitoring of projects attempting to provide these vital services.


Existing approaches

Existing approaches to deploying internet access in aid situations use a range of repurposed technologies that require expert knowledge to set up and run. This greatly limits the ability of aid organisations to deal with the uncertainty of humanitarian response and the budget constraints of development work.

Jangala’s Big Box addresses these issues with a single scalable system.