the need for internet

Internet access is desperately needed in many situations around the world, from people trying to make contact in the aftermath of an earthquake to educational projects in remote areas. However, in these situations, the internet is often unavailable - networks often go down in emergencies and deploying effective internet access in remote areas is complicated, slow and expensive.


Big Box

Big Box is Jangala’s first product. It fits in a small backpack and can create high-quality, scalable Wi-Fi using any form of connection to the internet. Big Box is an incredibly flexible tool that allows for quick and low-cost deployment of internet access in many new aid contexts.


The difference Big Box makes

20 Big Box systems have been deployed across 4 continents. This video shows the deployment of a Big Box in southern Italy.

gian luca image.jpg

Help us

Jangala is a not for profit organisation. We depend on crowdfunded donations, sponsorships and grants to be able to provide Big Boxes to grassroots groups, to improve Big Box and develop new systems. We are also looking for people and organisations who can help us on our journey to becoming a sustainable organisation.